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The 7-inch and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX models have front-facing cameras, and the 8.9-inch model has a rear-facing camera (handy for those Skype calls when you want to show the other person what you’re looking at.

You can use your front-facing camera on either model to take both still photos and videos using the Camera app. To take a photo, follow these steps:

  1. On the Home screen, scroll down to the Favorites grid and tap the Camera app.

    The Camera opens.

  2. Tap the Camera/Video button. (In portrait orientation, this appears on the top-left corner; in landscape, it’s on the left side of the screen about a third of the way down.)

    To set this app to take still photos, make sure the Camera symbol is the larger of the two; if it isn’t, tap the button again (see the following figure).

  3. Hold the Kindle Fire and move it around until you see the image you want to capture.

  4. Tap the Capture button (it’s the circular one that looks like a little camera aperture).

    Your picture is taken and appears as a thumbnail above the Capture button. You can tap the picture thumbnail to view it in your camera roll.

If you have an 8.9-inch model with a rear-facing camera, first tap the Front/Rear button (the bottom of the two buttons on the left side of the camera screen), and you can then use the image on your screen to locate the shot you want to take and tap the Capture button.

Set the Camera to still photos and then tap Capture to get your photo.
Set the Camera to still photos and then tap Capture to get your photo.
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