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Taking Low Self-Esteem by the Scruff of the Neck

Part of the Boosting Self-Esteem For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

The first step in improving your self-esteem is to pay attention to how you treat yourself. Use these tips to get to grips with your self-image:

  • Be aware of assigning yourself a negative or damning label.

  • Refuse to agree to such labels.

  • Pinpoint exactly what you’re displeased about. Identify which precise focus of yourself, your behaviour or experience is the target of your dissatisfaction.

  • Fairly and accurately assess that particular behaviour, thought or other aspect of your being. Try to be objective.

  • View the identified area of displeasure as just one of the many parts of your whole self.

  • Accept yourself as a complex individual who on this occasion and in this specific respect has fallen short of your ideals.

  • Consider possible avenues for improvement.

  • Make a plan of action.

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Boosting Self-Esteem For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)


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