Taking Advantage of PowerPoint 2013 Formatting Shortcuts

Part of the PowerPoint 2013 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you're ready to format text in PowerPoint 2013, this table gets you on the road toward ooohs and aaahs of doing so.. If you use PowerPoint 2013 templates as the basis for your presentations, your text is already formatted acceptably. To really pull out the pyrotechnic stops, however, you have to know a few basic formatting tricks.

Command Shortcut Ribbon Location
Bold Ctrl+B Home tab, Font group
Italic Ctrl+I Home tab, Font group
Underline Ctrl+U Home tab, Font group
Center Ctrl+E Home tab, Paragraph group
Left Align Ctrl+L Home tab, Paragraph group
Right Align Ctrl+R Home tab, Paragraph group
Justify Ctrl+J Home tab, Paragraph group
Normal Ctrl+spacebar Home tab, Paragraph group
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