There are tons of applications and features available for tablets. Here are some of the top applications available for children and teens on Android-based tablets, Android platform e-readers, and the Apple iPad.

Kid-friendly Android and iPad tablets apps

With new apps being added to online marketplaces daily, it is nearly impossible to create a comprehensive list of family-friendly apps. However, if you’re looking to turn your Android device or iPad into a family tablet, here are some applications to consider:

  • Madera & Figaro Save the Day: This preschool-friendly story following a monkey and a frog allows kids to interact with the story as the heroes try to save the day and keep a festival from being cancelled.

  • Picasso – Mirror Draw!: This drawing app allows kids to create symmetrical pictures and provides users with a series of both brush styles and paint colors.

  • Celeste SE: This app allows users to capture images of the sky (with the tablet’s camera) and learn more about the planets, moon, and sun.

  • Animal SnApp: For iPad only, this application is a storybook for children that includes a slider game featuring favorite barnyard animals.

  • Star Chart: Using your tablet’s GPS, Star Chart guides your children to identify what they are seeing in the sky both in the daytime and at night.

  • UNO: This app brings the classic card game to life on your tablet.

  • Doodle Jump: This just-for-fun app requires users to tilt their tablets to help the Doodler jump higher and higher. This game has a multiplayer setting.

  • Toca Tailor: This app allows your children to show off their design skills by selecting fabrics, uploading their own texture images, and creating outfits for four child models.

  • The Journals of Mama Mae & LeeLee: This app with original music from Alicia Keys lets you explore a little girl’s virtual room, write in a journal, and read interactive stories from her bookshelf.

  • Disney Creativity Studio: This iPad-only app turns your tablet into a drawing board while teaching kids to draw some of their favorite Disney characters.

  • Spaghetti Marshmallows: This app provides kids with physics lessons as they use marshmallows and raw spaghetti to build towers.

  • Me Books: With one free book included, this e-book app allows you to buy books for kids, which they can read or listen to.

  • Doodle Joy: This free Android application allows kids to draw, using more than 20 brushes with special features such as glowing neon and chalk.

  • Sweetapple: Sweetapple applications for Android contain musical books with interactive animation.

Kid-friendly Kindle Fire features

If you own the Amazon Kindle Fire e-reader, you may be interested in a variety of applications and features that make this device incredibly kid-friendly, including

  • Multiple user profiles to keep child and adult apps, movies, and books separate

  • Immersion reading allows kids to listen to e-books as the words are highlighted on the page

  • A wide selection of children’s e-books, including many that are interactive

  • Access to Amazon’s library of instant videos and television shows, including many kid-friendly titles

  • Access to kid-friendly Android apps, including educational games

  • Capability to download graphic novels and comic books for tweens and teens

  • Parental controls that allow you to change settings in areas, such as app purchasing and Internet browsing


Kid-friendly NOOK features

Like the Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK series of e-readers allows children to interact with stories and more using these child-friendly features:

  • NOOK Kids interactive picture books, which allow kids to read books, have books read to them, and interact with the images on the page

  • Access to the NOOK Kids Store, which allows you to shop for e-books and applications by age group

  • Capability to download any Android application for kids

  • Capability to create up to six profiles to keep books, videos, and applications separate for children and adults

  • Use of parental controls to control purchases, access to content, and Internet use

  • Capability to download learning tools and games for kids