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Strength-Training Exercise: The Push-Up

Strength-Training Exercise: The Turkish Get-Up

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Lie on your back in the prone position.

Fully extend your arms and legs and angle them away from your body at roughly 45 degrees. Your right arm should run parallel to your right leg and vice versa. It should sort of look like the bottom of a snow angel position.

To work on your right side, directly press your right arm in line with your sternum (mid-chest) as if you were performing a one-arm bench press (this is also the arm that will be holding the weight).

Don't perform this movement with any weight until you have each of these steps mastered. Bend your right knee and plant your right heel relatively close to your butt.

Your right heel should be relatively close to your butt, not directly. Take as much time as you need to set up correctly. (If you're working on the left side, you should do the opposite with the setup and the following directions.)

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