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Store Lists from the Calculator Application to L&S

The TI-Nspire Calculator application contains a variety of commands that are useful in generating lists of data that can be stored in the Lists & Spreadsheet application. One such example is the Sequence command, accessed by pressing [MENU]→Statistics→List Operations→Sequence.

The syntax for this command is seq(Expression, Variable, Low, High[, Step]. For example, the command seq(2x + 1,x,0,50,5) generates the list {1, 11, 21, 31,...,101}. The Random submenu (press [MENU]→Probability→Random) offers another place where lists of data can be produced.

If you’re interested in investigating the outcomes of rolling two dice 50 times, here’s how to accomplish this task:

  1. Press [CTRL][I] to insert a Lists & Spreadsheet page and name the first column red_die and the second column blue_die.

  2. Press [CTRL][I] to insert a Calculator page and press [MENU]→Probability→Random→Integer.

    This pastes the command randInt to the entry line.

  3. Configure this command to read randInt(1,6,50) and then press [CTRL][VAR] to open the Store command.

  4. Press [VAR], highlight red_die from the list, and press [ENTER].

  5. Press [ENTER] again to execute the command.

    You see the list of numbers displayed on the Calculator page. (See the second screen.) This data is also stored to the Lists & Spreadsheet page under the red_die column.

  6. Repeat Steps 2–5 and store 50 random integers from 1 to 6 to the blue_die list.

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