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Stay in Touch with Your Blog Community with E-Mail Options

  • Allow your readers send a blog post to a friend that might also be interested.

  • Let your users sign up for e-mail notifications when you post something new to your blog.

  • Invite your readers sign up for an e-mail newsletter that supplements your blog or recaps recent blog posts of interest.

Many blog software programs have a built in “Tell a Friend” or “Email a Friend” functionality. If you turn on this feature, every blog post is accompanied by a small icon or link that, when clicked, lets your reader fill out the name and e-mail address of a friend and send an e-mail notification about your blog post to them. It’s like free marketing.

Setting up your blog to enable users to sign up for e-mail notifications when a new blog entry is posted is an easy way to reach users who aren’t up on newsreaders and RSS. Allowing them to sign up and also to remove themselves from your e-mail system puts them in control of the situation, too, which means you won’t be contributing to the spam problem. The FeedBurner site gives you the tools to set up an e-mail notification/subscription tool.

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