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An e-mail list is a traditional but still relevant piece of marketing. Many websites offer free accounts. Do some research to find a service that meets your needs for your dog photography business. Some services are simple, some more complex; some offer no frills, and others provide a bunch of freebies to account holders.

Whatever your preference, start up an account. You’re then able to enter all your subscribers into a database and send them e-mail blasts all at the same time. This is a good way to inform your subscribers of news and specials and just keep your brand in their minds.

Here are a few tips and things to remember:

  • Make people opt-in to your mailing list. This means they specifically request to be put on it. This also means you do not automatically enter all your clients or anyone who has ever e-mailed you.

  • Send e-mails out on a regular basis. Once a month or once a week seem to be most common for businesses. Just make sure that you’re not bombarding people unnecessarily.

  • Think about your format. Do you want to send a monthly newsletter? A weekly gallery of photos? Seasonal deals? Whatever you decide, keep it consistent. Your mailing list is kind of like a brand within a brand.

  • Write for your current clients, but remember, you also hope that people will forward your e-mails around to others, so always put something in that could potentially attract new customers.

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