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Unfortunately, Photoshop Elements 10 doesn’t provide you with a command to split large catalogs in the Catalog Manager into smaller ones. It’s best to understand first how you want to organize your photos before creating your first catalog.

However, if you’ve created a large catalog and want to split it into two or more separate catalogs, you can manually add new photos to a new catalog and delete photos from the older catalog.

When you need to open a different catalog file, choose File→Catalog and select the name of the catalog you want to open. Click Open at the bottom of the dialog box to open the selected catalog. The Organizer window changes to reflect files contained in that catalog.


Notice the Repair and Optimize buttons. If you can’t see thumbnail previews of images or open them in one of the editing modes, your catalog file might be corrupted. Click the Repair button to try to fix the problem.

When catalogs get sluggish, you might need to optimize a catalog to gain better performance. You should regularly optimize your catalog (by clicking the Optimize button in the Catalog Manager) to keep your catalog operating at optimum performance.

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