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In Microsoft Office Excel 2007, you can use the new Document Information Panel to add or change workbook properties such as the Author, Title, Keywords, Status, and Comments that relate to a specific workbook. Adding metadata such as this can help you to better identify and manage your workbook files.


Click the Office Button and point to Prepare.

A list of options appears in the right panel.


Click Properties.

The Document Information Panel appears below the Ribbon.


Enter identifying information such as the author’s name, subject, or a list of keywords.

The information you enter here can be used with the Search function to help find a workbook.


Click the Close button to close the Document Information Panel.

The Close button is located in the upper-right corner of the Document Information Panel.

If you want to add more properties using the Properties dialog box, you can click the Document Properties button (at the top left corner of the Document Information Panel) and select Advanced Properties. Excel automatically adds statistical information here, such as the workbook’s original creation date, the last time it was printed or modified, and the workbook size.

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