Solving Spanish Crossword and Fill-In Puzzles Like a Pro

Part of the Spanish Word Games For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re solving in Spanish or English, the main difference between crossword and fill-in puzzles is that fill-ins don’t have numbers, and so you have to figure out on your own where the answers go. Both crosswords and fill-in puzzles become easier when you have a few tips at your disposal.

To solve crossword puzzles, do the following:

  • Seek out answers that you know immediately and fill those in first.

  • After you enter the words you know, use the placement of those letters as hints to solve connecting words.

  • Put an S at the end of words that are clued as plurals.

  • Remember the theme, and think of or write down words you already know that are related to the theme and see if they appear in the clues.

  • Think of words in other languages — particularly other Romance languages — that you might already know that may be similar to those in Spanish.

To solve fill-in puzzles, use the following hints:

  • Look for words in the word lists that are of unique lengths; when there’s only one place on the grid that a word can fit, you don’t have to struggle to place it!

  • Note that shorter words may be easier to place in the grid because of fewer intersecting possibilities, but longer words provide more hints for the connecting words.

  • Keep track of the lengths of the words that you haven’t put in the grid yet, to help you figure out where they fit to complete the puzzle.

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