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Strong social influence marketing (SIM) campaigns target multiple social networks. Because consumers rarely use just one social platform (for example, only Facebook or Twitter), your marketing campaign should reach each of these social media platforms:

  • Facebook: The largest social network in the world, Facebook is ideal for marketing at the awareness and consideration stage of the marketing funnel. Fan pages, wall posts, virtual gifts, applications, social ads, and technologies like Facebook Connect make the platform a popular choice.

  • MySpace: With its roots in music, MySpace is still considered the best platform for music and entertainment-related marketing activities. Traditional banner advertisements, sponsored music samples, and brand profiles present the greatest opportunities.

  • Twitter: Evolving into a news, brand marketing, and customer service tool, Twitter is ideal for reaching out to influencers, handling customer service queries, and forging personal relationships with customers. Sponsored tweets are an emerging ad format on Twitter.

  • YouTube: With custom channels and the ability to upload an unlimited number of clips, YouTube is a powerful marketing platform if you have engaging branded content. But don't treat it as a push channel through which to funnel TV advertisements. Focus on building social currency with subscribers and users.

  • Blogosphere: Blogger outreach programs are a must, but make sure that you identify the bloggers carefully and reach out to them using blogger outreach best practices. Otherwise, you'll turn them off.

  • Niche social platforms: Your users may be very active on the niche social platforms. Conduct research to learn where they're participating and explore the marketing opportunities on those platforms. Try LinkedIn, Ning, CafeMom, deviantART, and Gather.

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