The type and quality of haircutting tools you purchase is important. You don’t need to buy every haircutting gadget that comes along. Pick your tools wisely and start with these items to get started:

Standard haircutting scissors Whether you pay $10 or $100 for these important tools, you need an official pair of haircutting scissors in your toolbox.
Specialty haircutting scissors To cut along with this book, you really should have at least one pair or texturizing scissors and one pair of thinning scissors. These tools create interesting shapes in the hair and relieve unwanted weight.
Three types of combs (1) a standard cutting or styling comb, (2) a wide-tooth comb, and (3) a rattail comb. You can always add more specialty combs to your inventory by building around this core collection.
Hair fasteners Organizing and keeping hair under control is done with a variety of fasteners. Keeping a medley of clippies, jaw combs, and duckbill clamps on-hand allows you to corral every weight and length of hair.
Water bottle You need at least one water bottle with a fine-mist spray adjustment to dampen hair and, sometimes, spray on a diluted mix of hair conditioner.
Cloth goods A cutting cape and towel should be at the ready to catch drips and protect your loved ones from itchy snippets of hair.