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Shutterbug Magazine’s Web Site

Shutterbug provides a wide range of photography information. (You can see its main page in this figure.) It’s the online adjunct to Shutterbug magazine, and so the Shutterbug site covers digital photography as well as recent and classic film cameras, photo techniques, and other topics of interest.

Shutterbug’s strength lies in its forums, which, like the magazine and Web site, span a broad range of interests. You can find forums dedicated to Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, and Sony digital SLRs. Shutterbug also offers several forums for the film SLR counterparts (always a good source for information about compatible lenses and accessories), along with forums for inkjet, dye sublimation, and traditional silver halide printing. The forums also cover color management, lighting and exposure, and collectible cameras.

Shutterbug evaluates all kinds of photography items, including equipment bags, gadgets, books, and photo shows. You can find interesting monthly columns, too.

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