If you want to change the way you're looking at an Excel 2007 spreadsheet, or the way the page is laid out, use these view command shortcuts (Alt + hot key).

Hot Keys Excel Ribbon Command Function
Alt+WN View | Normal View Returns the worksheet to normal view from Page Layout or Page Break Preview
Alt+WP View | Page Layout View Puts the worksheet into Page Layout View showing the page breaks, margins, and rulers
Alt+WI View | Page Break Preview Puts the worksheet into Page Break Preview showing pages breaks that you can adjust
Alt+WE View | Full Screen Puts the worksheet in full-screen mode which hides the Microsoft Office Button, Quick Access toolbar, and Ribbon - press the Esc key to restore previous viewing mode
Alt+WVG View | Gridlines Hides and redisplays the row and column gridlines that form the cells in the Worksheet area