Instead of using the ribbon for your basic file functions in Excel 2007, check out this chart for keystroke shortcuts ( Alt + hot key) to get your spreadsheet basic commands quickly accomplished.

Hot Keys Excel Ribbon Command Function
Alt+FN Microsoft Office Button | New Displays the New Workbook dialog box where you can open a blank workbook or one from a template
Alt+FO Microsoft Office Button | Open Displays the Open dialog box where you can select a new Excel workbook to open for editing or printing
Alt+FS Microsoft Office Button | Save Saves changes to a workbook. When you first select this command for a new workbook, Excel displays the Save As dialog box
Alt+FA Microsoft Office Button | Save As Display the Save As dialog box where you can modify the filename, location where the file is saved, and format that the file is saved in
Alt+FP Microsoft Office Button | Print Displays the Print dialog box to send the current worksheet, workbook, or cell selection to the printer
Alt+FE Microsoft Office Button | Send Sends the current workbook as an e-mail attachment or fax it using Internet Fax
Alt+FC Microsoft Office Button | Close Closes the current workbook without exiting Excel
Alt+FI Microsoft Office Button | Excel Options Displays the Excel Options dialog box where you can change default program settings and modify the buttons on the Quick Access toolbar
Alt+FX Microsoft Office Button | Exit Excel Quits the Excel program and closes all open workbooks after prompting you to save them