Before you bring your Jack Russell Terrier puppy home, you need to go on a pre-puppy shopping spree. Following is a list of items you need when you bring your puppy home. As your puppy gets older, you can add more items to the list.

A harness (not a collar) suitable to your puppy’s size Toys such as balls or Frisbees (latex is best) — avoid toys with small parts that your puppy may pull off and swallow accidentally A first-aid kit for emergencies
A nylon or web leash (the adjustable kind is best) Chewies made of hard nylon for teething and keeping teeth clean Nail clippers
A retractable leash for when you start taking your puppy for walks An antichewing preparation or spray to keep your puppy from chewing on your furniture, slippers, and the like A sweater for chilly days
A long training leash for obedience training A doggie bed (a padded box will do) with plenty of soft cloths or blankets — avoid wicker because your puppy undoubtedly will chew on it Shampoo
A cage or crate large enough for your puppy to stand up in when inside A brush and comb Flea and tick products
Housetraining pads if you choose to use them A pooper scooper An exercise pen if you want to keep your puppy confined within the house in an area that’s larger than his crate
Two sets of flat-bottomed bowls for food and water — one big enough for home and a smaller set for travel A baby/child gate to keep your puppy confined A collar and a tag (that contains his name and your name, address, and phone number) for when the puppy is a bit older
A bag of the same type of food that your puppy was fed at the breeder’s facility