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Share iPhotos on a Mac with Shared Photo Streams

Photo Stream uploads photos from any iOS device to your Mac and other iOS devices. With shared Photo Streams, you can share Photo Streams with the folks you designate −or, in some cases, the general public. What's more, those people you specially invite who happen to have their own Apple devices can comment on your photos and indicate whether they "like" the pictures.

To take advantage of Shared Photo Streams in iPhoto on a Mac, you must be running version 9.4 of Photo Streams or later. Open iPhoto Preferences, click the Photo Stream tab, and then select the Shared Photo Streams check box. Then designate the photos to share.


Choose the album you want to share.

You can also choose an event or a batch of photos to share instead of an album.


On the toolbar at the lower-right of the window, choose Share→Photo Stream→New Photo Stream.

You can also drag photos to Photo Stream in the source list and then click New Photo Stream. Whatever method you choose, you are greeted by the New Shared Photo Stream dialog box.


Enter the email addresses of the people you want to welcome to the Photo Stream, and a name for the stream.

In the To field, enter the e-mail address or addresses for each person you'd like to welcome to the Photo Stream. As you can see, you have ample room to type in a bunch of addresses. In the Name field, type in a name for the Photo Stream. You can type My Adorable Kids or whatever seems apropos.


(Optional) To make your Photo Stream public so that anyone, even those without an Apple device, can view your pictures on the web, select the Public Website check box.

Without an Apple device, a person can't comment on your photos, read any comments that you contribute, or read comments posted by others. But he or she can see the pictures.


Click Share to proceed or Cancel if you change your mind.

Everyone you've invited will receive an e-mail and notification to subscribe to the stream. If the person with whom you're sharing has a device running iOS 6 or later, they can view photos inside the Photos app on that device. If they have a Mac with iPhoto 9.4 or Aperture 3.4 or later, they can view the pictures inside those programs.

If they have a Windows PC (Vista or later) and download iCloud Control Panel 2.0, then they can view the images on those computers. If they have a second generation or later Apple TV with software version 5.1 or later installed, they can view the pictures on their televisions. If you selected the public option, folks can also view your pictures on the web, at a URL generated by Apple.

To remove a subscriber from a stream, select the Photo Stream from the source list, pick the stream in question, and click the Info button on the toolbar. In the Shared section of the Info pane, select the email address for the person you want to drop from the stream and press Delete.

To add a new subscriber, type the invitee's e-mail address in the Shared With section of the Info pane. He or she will receive an e-mail invitation to subscribe.

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