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You can use QuickBooks 2012 to set up a price level list. A price level changes the sales price up or down when you do things like invoice. For example, you might create a price level that amounts to a "preferred customer discount" on specified items.

When you create an invoice for those items, rather than use the standard price for the item (which appears in the Create Invoice window's Price column) you could select the price level "preferred customer discount" (in the Price column) to use the discounted "preferred customer."

To create a price level, choose the Lists→Price Level command. When QuickBooks displays the Price Level List window, click the Price Level button and then choose the New command.

When QuickBooks displays the New Price Level dialog box, give the price level a name using the Price Level Name text box, use the Price Level Type box and list box to specify to which items the price level applies, and then use the Adjust Price and Rounding boxes to set the new price level's prices.

When you click OK, QuickBooks redisplays the Price List level window — only this time with your new price level. You can edit and delete existing price levels using other commands available when you click the Price Level button.

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