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Set the Send Forms Preferences in QuickBooks 2013

The My Preferences tab for the Send Forms Preferences set in QuickBooks 2013 lets you check a box to specify whether the To Be E-mailed check box is selected for customer invoices; click an option button to specify when e-mailed forms should be processed with web mail (such as Gmail or QuickBooks e-mail); and provides buttons you can click to build a list of e-mail accounts you want to use for web mail.

The Company Preferences tab for the Send Forms Preferences set lets you specify the default message text, message subject, and salutation for e-mailed invoices, estimates, and statements.


To use the Company Preferences tab, you use the Change Default For drop-down list to specify which type of message text you want to change. Then you use the other boxes on the Company Preferences tab to make whatever change you want to the default message. To change the message subject, for example, you replace the contents of the Subject text box.

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