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Services that Won’t Move when Upgrading or Migrating to 10.7 Lion Server

Lion Server doesn’t include several services and features that were part of previous versions of Mac OS X Server. When you migrate or upgrade, the settings and data for these items will not be moved to Lion Server because Lion Server no longer supports them:

  • Print service

  • Windows Primary Domain Controller (PDC) or Backup Domain Controller (BDC)

  • Wiki-based mailing list and archives

  • Apache Tomcat and Apache Axis web services

  • Mobile Access

  • QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS)

  • NetBoot images that were created with versions of Mac OS X Server before version 10.5

The MySQL database is also not included in Lion Server; it’s been replaced by PostgreSQL. However, the upgrade and migration processes will move MySQL and its data to Lion Server. You will lose a graphical user interface to manage MySQL, however, because Server Admin 10.7 no longer supports MySQL. You’ll need to use the command line in the Terminal utility to manage MySQL.

Note also that an upgrade procedure will delete launch daemons located at /System/Library/LaunchDaemons. The update replaces them with newer Lion Server versions. This shouldn’t be an issue unless your server includes customized launch daemons.

You can’t use any of the administration tools from previous versions of Mac OS X Server. These are Server Preferences, Server Admin, Workgroup Manager, Podcast Composer, System Image Utility, and Xgrid Admin. You can download new versions separately. (The Server app replaces Server Preferences.)

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