Many recipes require separated egg whites and yolks. Don’t worry; separating an egg really isn’t as difficult as it looks. Remember, you need to separate an egg without breaking the yolk. (Any presence of yolk in your whites will prevent the egg whites from beating properly.)


Hold the egg in one hand above two small bowls.

You need one bowl for the whites, one for the yolk.


Crack the shell on the side of one bowl.

Tap it just hard enough to break the shell and the membrane without piercing the yolk or shattering the shell.


Pry open the eggshell with the tips of both thumbs.

Try to break the shell I half evenly.


Use one half of the eggshell to gently hold in the yolk while you let the bulk of the white fall into one of the bowls.

If the egg white is very thick and won’t separate from the yolk, use the broken edge of the shell to “cut” though the egg white. Be careful not to break the yolk.


Carefully pass the yolk back and forth from one shell cavity to the other, releasing a little more white into the bowl.

This whole process calls for careful movement.


When all the white is in the bowl, carefully transfer the yolk to the other bowl.

It doesn’t matter if the yolk breaks now that the white is separated from it.

Cover and refrigerate your separated egg if you’re not using them right away.