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With iOS 5 on your iPhone 4S, you can add Twitter information so you can quickly tweet (send a short message to) others using Twitter. You can also add Facebook information so you can post a message to your contact’s Facebook account.


With the Contacts app open, tap a contact.

Tap the Edit button.


Scroll down and tap Add Field.

The Add Field list appears.


Tap Twitter.

A Twitter field opens.


Tap in the field and enter the contact’s username information for an account.

If you prefer to add Facebook information instead of Twitter, tap the word Twitter on the left side of the Twitter field. In the Services dialog that opens, tap Facebook and enter the contact’s Facebook information. (You can also choose Flickr, LinkedIn, Myspace, or Add Custom Service in the Services dialog.)


Tap Done, and the information is saved.

The account is now displayed when you select the contact, and you can send a tweet or Facebook message by simply tapping the username, then tapping the service you want to use to contact them, and then tapping the appropriate command.

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