How to Create Playlists on Your Kindle Fire HD
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How to Create Playlists on Your Kindle Fire

Sending E-Mail to Your Kindle Account

When you register your Kindle Fire HDX, you get an associated e-mail account, which essentially allows you or others to e-mail documents in Word, PDF, RTF, or HTML format to your Kindle Fire HDX.

The address of the account is displayed when you swipe down to display Quick Settings, tap Settings, and then tap My Account; you see your name, and underneath is the name of your Kindle e-mail account (

You or others can e-mail documents to this address, and those documents automatically appear in your Docs library. Note that you might need to go to by using a browser and change the approved e-mail accounts. From your computer, click Your Account and then Manage Your Kindle in the menu that appears. Click the Personal Document Settings link on the left side of the screen and make sure that the account is listed under Send to Kindle Email Settings.

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