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Sending Effective Business Bulk or Group E-mail

Bulk e-mail is a free technique that lets you send business e-mail to small groups of users who share a common interest. The simplest setup for bulk e-mail is to create a group in your e-mail program and add addresses to it.

Rather than enter individual names in the Address field of the message, you enter the name of the group. (See the Help feature in your e-mail program for details.)

Because of concerns about spam, some ISPs don't let you send bulk e-mail to more than 50 to 100 names at one time. To work around this limitation, you can buy inexpensive software to handle bulk mail. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

For more options, search for group e-mail software at your favorite search engine. As a cheaper solution, consider using free Yahoo! Groups or Google Groups.

These methods are all easy, but rather old-fashioned, alternatives to sending a special newsletter to a small subset of your commercial e-mailing list. Group e-mail is useful to

  • Notify registrants in a course, conference, or program or another type of event.

  • Communicate with dealers, distributors, or franchisees.

  • Send routine service reminders or product recalls.

  • Remind customers of appointments or item pick-ups.

  • Distribute information to journalists.

  • Communicate with committees, board members, or employees.

  • Announce availability of products on back order.

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