Whether you want to turn clutter into cash or heirlooms into windfalls, selling your items on eBay is simple. Here are useful tips to be a successful seller on eBay:

  • Find out as much as you can about the item’s value, history, and condition.

  • Answer all questions that may be posed by prospective bidders within your description. Answer any eBay Messages from prospective buyers within several hours. Don't let too much time pass, lest you appear uninterested in their queries.

  • Check out your eBay competition. If a ton of other auctions are taking place at the same time for the same kind of item and the bidding is competitive, wait until the competition is fierce for a few select items.

  • Verify that your item isn’t prohibited or considered questionable by eBay. If you’re in doubt, read eBay’s guidelines and check your local laws.

  • Add more than one picture to spruce up your listing, and make sure that your title highlights the item’s keywords — but don’t gloss over its flaws. Being direct, informative, and concise shows potential buyers that you’re honest and easy to work with.