As you work in Windows Explorer, often, you’ll want to select multiple files or folders at the same time. You can select multiple files or folders at random, or you can select multiple contiguous files or folders.

Suppose you want to select four files in Windows Explorer, but those files are not contiguous, that is, one right after another. To select these multiple files, follow these steps:


Click to select the first file.

Point the mouse at the file’s icon and click once.


Press and hold the Ctrl key.

Either Ctrl (Control) key works; press and hold it down.


Click to select the next file.

By holding the Ctrl key, you can select as many files as you want. (If you don’t hold it down, clicking one file deselects anything that’s already selected.)


Repeat Step 3 until you have selected all the files you want.

Keep going until your heart’s content — or until you run out of files to select.


Release the Ctrl key when you’re done selecting files.

Now you’re ready to manipulate the selected files as a group. To deselect a file from a group, just Ctrl+click it again.