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Schedule of Routine Care to Ensure a Bird's Good Health

Part of the Birds For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Putting yourself on a schedule is a great way to make sure your bird's basic needs are covered. While your avian veterinarian may have specific recommendations for your bird, here's a general outline of a good routine:

  • Daily (or even more frequently): Clean food and water dishes and refill them; change cage papers. Most important: Provide attention and interaction, keeping an eye out for changes in behavior, routine, or appearance.

  • Weekly: Scrub cage where feces have accumulated. Rotate toys for variety, if your bird is comfortable with changes.

  • Monthly: Blunt toenails; check wings for new feathers that need to be trimmed. Check toys; replace any worn ones. Get a feel for body mass — has your bird gained or lost weight or muscle tone? Scrub and disinfect entire cage.

  • Annually: Schedule a "well-bird" exam by an avian veterinarian, possibly including some baseline laboratory tests.

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