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Sample Nonprofit Fundraising Letter

After you establish your goals and objectives for your nonprofit business, use them as powerful motivators in fundraising campaigns. Take a look at this funding solicitation letter from a job-placement organization:

“Last year, Jobs For All placed 350 unemployed people in productive and meaningful positions in our community. This year, with your help, we plan to make that number 425. What’s more, we’re committed to increasing the percentage of our clients who remain on the job for at least six months from 60 percent to 85 percent.”

“How will we do it? First, we plan to expand our job-placement program. But that’s only the beginning. We’re working with the community college to offer basic computer-skills classes. And we’re creating a job-assistance hotline to provide immediate help to our clients when they encounter problems at home or on the job.”

“But to do any of this, we need your help. This year, with unemployment at record highs, our work is more urgent than ever. Our fundraising goal of $500,000 represents a 20 percent increase over last year’s target. We know that’s ambitious. But we also know that with your generosity, we can change lives for the better.”

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