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Reviewing Played Games

The Played Games page, shown in Figure 1, tracks the saves, downloads, and achievements you've made.

Figure 1: The Played Games page tracks your progress.

The Played Games page lets you instantly see:

  • Games you've been playing
  • Games you've finished

Don't be surprised if this information spurs an occasional, "Oh yeah, I loved playing that before I started work on my day job. I should finish it," or "Somebody just beat my fastest lap time in Project Gotham Racing 3; I need to get back behind the wheel and show him what I'm made of."

Game Summary page

You can select games from the Played Games page and get more details; the Game Summary page is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: The Game Summary page lets you dig deep into your history.

The Game Summary page shows possible achievements for the games you've been playing. Follow these steps to see it:

1. Navigate to the Games blade using the left analog stick.

The Games blade appears.

2. Use the left analog stick to highlight Played Games, and then press A.

3. Select a game from your list, and then press A.

4. Select the Achievements item, and then press A.

This brings up the blade in Figure 3, which shows the possible achievements for the game and your progress toward those achievements.

Figure 3: The possible achievements for Hexic HD on the Xbox 360.

5. Highlight an achievement, and then press A.

Details appear. For example, the Achievement Description for Cluster Buster on Hexic HD informs you that 25 combos across all your games are required to unlock the Cluster Buster in the game.

Pressing the Y button usually re-sorts achievements by score.

Stored Games page

The Stored Games page lets you:

  • Navigate your storage devices
  • Move or copy game data between hard drives and memory units

You can use this feature to:

  • Back up games you've been playing to a memory unit
  • Move games between consoles
    For example, you can carry your game saves to a friend's house on a memory unit and then copy it back to your hard drive when you get home.

To copy game content to a memory unit, follow these steps:

1. Use the left analog stick to open the Games blade.

The Games blade appears.

2. Use the left analog stick to highlight Played Games, and then press A.

The Game Summary page appears.

3. Use the controller to highlight Stored Game Items, and then press A.

4. Choose the game save location, and then press A.

The game is usually on the hard drive, but you can also copy game content between memory units.

5. On the Hard Drive (or Memory Unit) page, highlight the Games item and then press A.

The Select Profile page appears.

6. Choose the profile that contains the content you want to have copied, and then press A.

The Select Game page appears.

7. Highlight the game, and then press A.

The Game Content page appears.

8. Highlight the item you want to copy, and then press A.

A screen like the one shown in Figure 4 appears.

Figure 4: The Game page lets you perform an action with a game content item.

9. Choose the target for your copy, and then press A.

At this point, your game is copied to the new location. If you want to get back to the Game Summary page, press B until you're there.

Some items can only be moved and not copied. For example, game profiles have to be moved because you don't want them to get out of sync between consoles. If you want to carry your profile to a friend's console, you need to move the profile to a memory unit and then move it back to your hard drive when you get home.

If you're really into saving games, you can use two hard drives for backing up your games. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Copy your game to a memory unit.

2. Switch the hard drives in the console.

3. Copy the file from the memory unit to the hard drive.

The Downloads item on the Game Summary page lets you download and manage items you've gotten from Xbox Live Marketplace. You'll need to log in to Xbox Live before you access the content on this page.

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