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Reviewing Comments in a Word 2007 Document

The Word 2007 Comment feature enables writers and editors to communicate behind the scenes. You can read a message left for you, or create a message for someone else to read. When it’s time to review comments, you can see them en masse or one at a time. You can even hide them but still access them.

Reviewing comments works well in Draft view. Some folks prefer Print Layout view. Both are available from the View tab, in the Document Views group.

Reviewing comments in Draft view

To view all comments at once, open the Comment markup window. Click the Reviewing pane button from the Tracking group of the Review tab. In the markup window, scroll through the comments.


To view comments one at a time, you can

  • Click the Next Comment button in the Comments group of the Review tab.


    The markup window opens, where you can read the comment.

    Each time you click the Next Comment button, you jump to the next comment sequentially in the document.

  • With comments hidden, hover your mouse over the comment highlight (look for the writer’s initials, followed by a number).

    A small window pops up with the comment.

    Reviewing comments in Print Layout view
    Reviewing comments in Print Layout view

    In Print Layout view, comments appear in bubbles on the right side of the Word 2007 interface, in the gray-shaded field.


If more than one page shows when you open the document in Print Layout view, zoom to increase the page size so that only one page shows.

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