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Tool sheds and garages can harbor some of the least green garden products on the market. In addition to chemicals for killing weeds and pests, you’re likely to find fossil-fuel-burning gas-powered lawn mowers and electric tools. Cut down the energy you use in the garden by replacing your power tools with manual alternatives:

  • Replace an electric or gas lawn mower with a push reel mower, also known as a hand mower.

  • Replace an electric lawn edger with a foot-powered lawn edger.

  • Replace an electric trimmer with long-necked grass shears.

  • Replace an electric or gas chainsaw with a manual pocket chainsaw.

  • Replace an electric or gas leaf blower with a garden rake.

Sure, being green in the garden involves more manual labor and elbow grease, but think of all the energy and pollution you’re saving! You can also opt for cordless electric or solar-powered alternatives for items such as lawn mowers; they have the best of both worlds: reducing emissions and saving labor. You should find an increasing selection of cordless electric or solar-powered tools wherever conventional lawn mowers and other garden machines are sold.

If your lawn is too large to tackle with a push reel mower, get a battery-powered mower that charges using solar power, or use green electricity, which is generated by renewable sources such as wind, solar, or hydro power.

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