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Repeat an Experiment in the Vernier DataQuest Application

With the TI-Nspire Vernier DataQuest application, you can repeat a data experiment and display multiple runs on the same graph. To repeat an experiment, follow these steps:

  1. Store the data from your previous run by pressing the Store Latest Data Set icon (it looks like a file cabinet) near the bottom of the screen or press [MENU]→Experiment→Store Data Set.

    You can rename the generic title, run1, to whatever you desire. Press the Table View tab, right-click ([CTRL][MENU]) the title, and choose run1 Options. The Name field has run1 highlighted. Change the name by typing the new name, and click OK to make the change take effect. See the first screen.

  2. Press the Play button (or press [MENU]→Experiment→Start Collection) to initiate a new experiment.

    First, click the icon that looks like a file cabinet to store your data; otherwise, your data will be overwritten. If you press [MENU]→Experiment→Start Collection, the following message appears: This collection will overwrite the latest Data Set. Do you wish to Store or Discard the latest Data Set? See the second screen.

    Did you know that you can compare multiple data sets in the same graphing window? In the Graph view, press [MENU]→Graph→Select Data Set→All (selecting More allows you to select the check box next to the runs that you would like to graph). See the third screen.


    Right-click, [CTRL][MENU]→Color to make a change to the color scheme. Alternatively, customize the points on the graph by right-clicking and choosing Point Marker to make the adjustments you want.

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