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Most folks don’t think of QuickTime Player as a recording application because Apple provides applications (such as Photo Booth and iMovie) that have long been the recording tools of choice in the Mac universe. However, you can indeed record audio, video, and your Mac’s screen display with QuickTime Player, as long as your Mac is equipped with the proper hardware (a microphone or a line-in device for audio and an iSight or a FaceTime HD camera or an external video camera for video).

When you’re ready to record, click File and choose New Movie Recording, New Audio Recording, or New Screen Recording. Click the down arrow icon to display a menu where you can choose your input sources, recording quality, and saved file location. When all the settings are correct, the process itself is a one-click operation: Click the big red button to start and stop recording. QuickTime displays both the recording time and the approximate hard drive space used so far.’Nuff said.

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