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If you want to capture some images of your favorite canine with his favorite humans (well, aside from you), think about what is specific to the relationship and aim to photograph at times that present those special moments.

For example, if Argos is amazing with your young son, you may want to pull out your camera when the two are napping together or playing their daily game of chase. If you want to convey the special bond that Swayze has with your husband, try snapping a few posed photos of them nose to nose.

Capturing these connections is all about being aware of the precious moments people share with their pets and having your camera at the ready, like when you come home from work and Delilah is ready to give you a big hug.

Because the star of these photos is the relationship between a dog and his humans, the shooting location doesn’t really matter too much, as long as it has decent light and a usable background. You could consider choosing certain settings that are meaningful to the pair, such as the two of them

  • Sharing a pillow and blanket in bed during a lazy Sunday morning

  • Watching TV together on their favorite chair

  • Watching the world go by from the front porch

  • Tackling their favorite hike together

  • Tackling their favorite hike together

  • Lounging in the sun with each other

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