Recommended Dairy Portions to Help Fight Belly Fat

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For the Belly Fat Diet plan, the dairy group contains milk and yogurt. Cheese and eggs are included in the protein group. Consuming adequate dairy during the day is essential to making sure you’re taking in adequate amounts of CLA, calcium, vitamin D, and protein to meet nutritional requirements and help you burn fat.

[Credit: © Tarasyuk 2011]
Credit: © Tarasyuk 2011
Portion Sizes of Dairy Products
Food or Drink Size of a Serving
Fat-free or 1% milk 1 cup
Soy or almond milk (with less than 10 grams of sugar per cup) 1 cup
2% or whole milk (equals 1 dairy + 1 fat serving) 1 cup
Fat-free or lowfat plain yogurt 1 cup
Fat-free or lowfat flavored yogurt (15 grams of sugar or less per serving) 1 cup
2% or full-fat yogurt (equals 1 dairy + 1 fat serving) 1 cup
Fat-free or 1% Greek yogurt (equals 1 dairy + 1 protein) 1 cup
Fat-free or lowfat pudding 1/2 cup

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