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QuickLook, a feature of Mail in OS X Mountain Lion, includes a slick Slideshow option. Notice that there’s a QuickLook button in the header of messages you receive that contain one or more pictures, as shown on the left of the figure. If you click the QuickLook button, a new window appears, displaying one of the enclosed pictures as shown on the right of the figure.


If you don’t see a QuickLook button, click the blue Details button in the top-right corner (which says Hide because the details are showing).

Above the smiling face in the QuickLook window on the right is a set of buttons. Here’s the lowdown on what they do (from left to right):

  • Previous: Click this button to see the previous picture.

  • Next: Click this button to see the next picture.

  • Index Sheet: Displays all the enclosed pictures at the same time, shrinking them to a smaller size if necessary to fit them all on the screen. Click a picture once to see its name; click a second time to display it full screen.

  • Open with Preview: Opens the picture in the Preview application.

  • Full screen: Adjusts the picture so it fills the screen.


To close the QuickLook window, either click the little X in its top-left corner or click the QuickLook button in the message header again. Notice that when you’re in full-screen mode, there are a couple of new buttons in addition to the ones just mentioned. These new buttons are

  • Play/Pause: Click this button to start or pause the slide show. It displays each of the enclosed pictures for around 5 seconds with a smooth dissolve transition between them.

  • Add to iPhoto: Copies the picture into your iPhoto library.

To escape from full-screen mode, click the big X or press the Esc key.

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