Most sales are lost because salespeople didn’t clearly ask for the business or asked at the wrong time. If your product or service has proven to be a truly good decision for your client, it’s your obligation to ask him to own it!

Develop your closing instinct with the help of the following guidelines:

  • When you feel the client warming up to the sale, say, ‘Mr Barnes, tell me, how are you feeling about all of this so far?’

  • Ask questions such as ‘That’s a really useful benefit to owning this, isn’t it?’ and ‘It will be great to be able to use that feature in the future, won’t it?’ These tie-down questions create a flow of mini yeses, which makes the big yes so much easier to get.

  • Be genuine. If you know in your heart your offering will benefit the client then allow your feelings to show. Nothing is wrong with enthusiasm and belief. Your feelings are key influencers; use them!

  • If the client says no, understand that no doesn’t mean no; it means, ‘no – based upon what you’ve told me so far. Give me another reason that I can accept and the no may become yes.’ Your task is to clarify which of the benefits of buying your offering are most appealing by asking, one at a time, ‘Would you like this benefit. . . ?’ Remember that the initial no might be nothing to do with you or your offering, so gently ask until you discover the real reason why your prospect is stalling.