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If you have worked in a creative industry like design or publishing and are searching for a job in that area, you probably have a stack of projects you’ve worked on or contributed to. Take a look through your stack and pick the best samples. Then upload them to Behance, Carbonmade, or FigDig.

These portfolio-building sites are for creative professionals. Google regularly indexes projects from these sites, so you have a good chance of ranking on the first page of results.

When setting up a portfolio, be sure to title it with your full name. Use your full name for the custom web address as well. By doing so, you create yet another domain with your name in it.

You don’t need very many samples to make your point; aim for five to ten. You’ll have choices of layout and privacy settings. As long as your project is made public or visible, Google will index it.

Before posting any creative project you’ve worked on, verify that you have the rights to reproduce each item. If you don’t, ask the company for permission. It’s better to be denied permission and not get sued than to ask for forgiveness with a copyright violation fee!

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