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Preparing for Belting out a Song

To feel the vibrations necessary for belting out a song, you need to explore taking speaking voice sounds higher than you normally speak and explore some tones that aren’t very pretty. Belting isn’t about making pretty tones.

Belting sounds like yelling on pitch. Don’t think of yelling as a bad sound: Beginner belters often like the belt sounds of other singers but dislike the sounds in their own voice. Singing in head voice–dominated sounds is very different from belting. You may grow to love the sound of your voice belting, but you may not think it’s pretty at first. The sounds are exciting but not pretty.

Being confused about belting in the beginning is normal. Many singers aren’t sure whether they like the sound right away. Knowing that the first sounds aren’t the finished product, continue to explore the sounds. As your skill develops, you can play with the tone to find a quality that you can live with.

Remember that the first few songs you sing to practice belting need to be spunky, feisty characters.

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