PowerPoint 2003 offers the usual array of keyboard shortcuts for some common, often-used commands. The following table shows which keys to press for quick access to formatting, editing, and some generally useful commands:

Common Formatting Commands Common Editing Commands Other Commonly Used Commands 
Command Keys Command Keys Command Keys
Bold Ctrl+B Undo Ctrl+Z New Ctrl+N
Italic Ctrl+I Cut Ctrl+X Open Ctrl+O
Underline Ctrl+U Copy Ctrl+C Save Ctrl+S
Center Ctrl+E Paste Ctrl+V Print Ctrl+P
Left Align Ctrl+L Select All Ctrl+A Help F1
Right Align Ctrl+R Find Ctrl+F New Slide Ctrl+M
Justify Ctrl+J Replace Ctrl+H    
Normal Ctrl+Spacebar Duplicate Ctrl+D