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Positioning Skill Sets of MMA Fighting

Although Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a blend of different styles and disciplines, you can break down the skill sets into two main categories: stand-up fighting and ground fighting.

  • Stand-up fighting encompasses all fighting done while standing. Punches, kicks, knee-and-elbow moves, and takedowns (moving your opponent to the ground from a standing position) are all a part of stand-up fighting.

    Some of the fighting styles used in stand-up include western boxing, Muay Thai (referred to as, "The Art of Eight Limbs"), and American kickboxing. Stand-up fighting that occurs while the combatants are grappling each other is referred to as “clinch fighting.”

  • Ground fighting consists of engaging from positions like the guard and the mount, strikes from ground-based positions, and submissions (obtaining a hold that manipulates your opponent’s joints in the hopes that he’ll remove himself from the fight due to pain or fear of injury). Two of the fighting styles used in ground fighting are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling.

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