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Popular Gin Brands Bartenders Should Know

There are four popular types of gin bartenders should know: London dry gin, Dutch gin, Holland gin, and flavored gin. The following are all London dry gins. Each brand has its own distinctive flavor that comes from a carefully guarded recipe.

  • Aviation: A gin distilled in Portland, Oregon, from an adventurous blend of spices from around the world.

  • Bafferts: A London gin that's handcrafted with a closely guarded recipe.

  • Beefeater: A gin made in the only premium dry gin distillery in London.

  • Beefeater WET: A lighter-tasting gin (70 proof) made with natural pear flavors.

  • Bluecoat: An American gin distilled in Philadelphia.

  • Bols Genever: A gin from Holland made with high-quality malt wine. (Gins from Holland are also called Genever.)

  • Booth's: A London dry gin.

  • Bombay: Made from a well-guarded recipe that dates back to 1761.

  • Bombay Sapphire: Conceived by Michel Roux, president of Carillon Importers, Sapphire has more natural botanical ingredients than any other gin.

  • Boodles: Named after the London club; one of the most popular gins in the United Kingdom.

  • Bulldog: A London dry gin infused with poppy and dragon eye.

  • Citadelle: Made in Cognac, France, with 19 exotic botanicals.

  • Cork Dry Gin: An Irish gin distilled in Cork City.

  • Damrak: A high-quality gin from Amsterdam.

  • Genevieve: Made in the United States by Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco. A throwback to the earliest forms of gin.

  • Gordon's: First distilled more than 225 years ago in London by Alexander Gordon, who pioneered and perfected the making of an unsweetened gin with a smooth character and aromatic flavors known as London Dry.

  • G'Vine: A gin from France made with a Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano grapes) base spirit, infused with green grape flowers.

  • Hendrick's: A Scottish gin with juniper, coriander, rose petal, citrus, and an infusion of cucumber.

  • Magellan: A French gin handcrafted in small batches, using natural exotic botanicals from around the globe.

  • Martin Miller's: A London dry gin, considered the world's first super-premium gin.

  • Plymouth: Legend has it that a surgeon in the Royal Navy invented this gin to help the sailors make their Angostura bitters more palatable (pink gin).

  • Right: An ultra-premium gin made with juniper, cardamom, and coriander leaf.

  • Seagram's Extra Dry: A citrus-tasting golden gin.

  • Tanqueray: Its unique green bottle is said to be inspired by an English fire hydrant.

  • Tanqueray No. Ten: A super-premium gin from Tanqueray with a blend of fresh botanicals, including grapefruit and camomile. It's distilled four times.

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