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Point-of-Sale Program Success: Managers Are Key

Nothing will determine the success of your cause marketing point-of-sale program more than store managers. Their commitment to the program will keep front-line employees engaged and asking customers to give.

Think of store employees like soldiers at the front. Individually, there are always examples of heroism and bravery. But to be truly successful, soldiers have to be properly trained and led by their commander. In a company, this responsibility falls to the role of the manager.

Here are some ways to get and keep managers focused on victory:

  • Meet with them individually or as a group. Before the start of a cause marketing promotion, make a point to connect with each store manager to introduce ourselves, talk about the mission, and pledge support in any way to make the program just as turnkey and successful as possible. It’s important to assure managers that you’re an ally, not an adversary or coward who will run away when it’s time to charge ahead.

  • Make sure that they understand the incentives you’re offering. These rewards will help them in their efforts to motivate employees. Share with managers both the material incentives you’re offering employees and the intangible incentives of helping a great cause and how easy it is for them to activate the program.

  • Encourage them to visit your nonprofit. By visiting, managers can see firsthand the work you do and the difference you’re making in the community. For example, seeing all the dogs and cats your nonprofit saves will strike a chord with managers and motivate them to push the program in their stores and make it more than just another promotion from corporate.

  • Educate them on the win-win benefits of cause marketing. Managers may not be aware of the bottom-line benefits of cause marketing to their company. Educate them on how the halo earned from cause marketing can mean more sales at the cash register, and bigger bonuses and profit sharing for them.

    These managers from Boston’s Finagle-A-Bagel visited the cause hospital and saw firsthand the
    These managers from Boston’s Finagle-A-Bagel visited the cause hospital and saw firsthand the incredible work it does.
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