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The longer you use Windows 8, the more likely you are to want to see two windows side by side. For example, you may want to copy things from one window into another, or compare two versions of the same file. By spending a few hours with the mouse, you can drag and drop the windows’ corners until they’re in perfect juxtaposition.

If you’re impatient, Windows lets you speed up this handy side-by-side placement several ways:

  • For the quickest solution, drag a window’s title bar against one side of your screen; when your mouse pointer touches the screen’s edge, let go of the mouse button. Repeat these same steps with the second window, dragging it to the opposite side of the monitor.

  • Right-click on a blank part of the taskbar (even the clock will do) and choose Show Windows Side by Side. The windows align next to each other, like pillars. To align them in horizontal rows, choose Show Windows Stacked. (If you have more than three open windows, Show Windows Stacked tiles them across your screen, handy for seeing just a bit of each one.)

  • If you have more than two windows open, click the Minimize button (the leftmost icon in every window’s top-right corner) to minimize the windows you don’t want tiled. Then use the Show Windows Side by Side from the preceding bullet to align the two remaining windows.

  • To make the current window fill the screen’s right half, hold the Windows key and press the → key. To fill the screen’s left half, hold the Windows key and press the <-- key.

For more information about Windows 8 and its features, explore Windows 8 For Dummies, available online.

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