Photo Effects for the Galaxy S 4 Camera

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is the viewfinder for the Camera app, as seen in this figure. You can see an upwards pointing arrow at the bottom of the screen. That's not just to tell you which way is up. Tapping that arrow brings up a number of effects that you can apply to your image.


If you tap the arrow, it brings up a long list of choices. Some examples are shown in this figure.

Some examples of Effects options on the Galaxy S 4 Camera.
Some examples of Effects options on the Galaxy S 4 Camera.

A really fun photo effect option is the cartoon setting. This takes your image and converts it into a high contrast image that looks like a cartoon, as shown here.


Select the option that sounds right and snap away.

These modes help when you are taking the shot. You can also edit an image later. It's easier to do complicated image editing on your desktop computer instead of your phone. However, you can make some edits on your phone and send your photo off right away. It's your choice.

If the Galaxy S 4 shooting options listed here aren’t enough, you can find dozens more options.

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