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Paying the Bill at a Spanish-Speaking Restaurant

7 of 12 in Series: The Essentials of Going Out on the Town in Spanish-Speaking Countries

You’ve finished enjoying a meal at a Spanish or Latin American restaurant, and you’re ready for your check. Following is a typical conversation as restaurant patrons ask their server for the bill and pay it.

Señor Porter:

Joven, ¿nos trae la cuenta por favor?
Hoh-bveh nohs trah-eh lah kooehn-tah pohr fah-bvohr
Waiter, will you bring us the check please?


Ya vuelvo con la cuenta.
yah bvoo-ehl-bvoh kohn lah kooehn-tah
I’ll be back with the check.

Señor Porter:

¿Aceptan tarjetas de crédito?
ah-sehp-tahn tahr-Heh-tahs deh kreh-dee-toh
Do you accept credit cards?


No, lo lamento mucho, aquí no aceptamos tarjetas de crédito.
noh loh lah-mehn-toh moo-choh ah-kee noh ah-sehp-tah-mohs tahr-Heh-tahs deh kreh-dee-toh
No, I’m very sorry; we don’t take credit cards.

Señora Porter [a bit later]:

¿Ya pagamos la cuenta?
yah pah-gah-mohs lah koo-ehn-tah
We paid the check already?

Señor Porter:

Ya la pagué.
yah lah pah-gheh
I paid it already.

Señora Porter:

¿Dejamos propina?
deh-Hah-mohs proh-pee-nah
Did we leave a tip?

Señor Porter:

Sí dejé propina.
see deh-Heh proh-pee-nah
Yes, I left a tip.
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The Essentials of Going Out on the Town in Spanish-Speaking Countries


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