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Paleo Fitness Hinging Skill Drill: The Butt-to-Wall Drill

The butt-to-wall drill helps you find your optimal hinge position. In short, it shows you where exactly you should be sticking your butt. And all you need to do this drill is a chunk of wall.


Find an unoccupied wall (or have someone hold a broomstick as shown).

Stand directly in front of it facing away.


Assume your hinging stance, reach your butt back, and touch the wall.

Keep a straight line from the back of the head down through the tailbone.


Take a small step forward, reach your butt back, and touch the wall again.

Continue to repeat this step until you find the farthest possible point you can be away from the wall but still reach it with your butt. This is your optimal hinge position.

If you fall backward, you’ve gone too far. Step back toward the wall a little bit and try again.

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