The double jerk basically involves cleaning two weights up into the rack position then blasting them up overhead. Like the jerk, the double jerk may serve multiple purposes. You can use it for pure power and strength generation (lifting the most possible weight overhead), or you can use it for strength endurance and metabolic purposes (lifting weight overhead for multiple repetitions).

What makes the double jerk so special is that when you combine it with the clean (which you’ll do most of the time), it works just about every single pushing and pulling muscle in the entire body. It’s as comprehensive as an exercise can possibly get.

Here’s how to do the double jerk:


Clean two kettlebells or dumbbells up into the rack position.

When you perform the jerk consecutively (without cleaning the weight between each repetition) it’s referred to as short-cycle. When you perform a clean between each repetition of the jerk, it’s referred to as long-cycle.


Initiate the double jerk the same way you would the single jerk by taking a shallow dip.

Don’t waste any more time down in the dip than you have to. The more time you spend in the dip, the more fatigued your legs will become, and the less power you’ll have.

Explode out of the dip, launching the bells upward. As you explode out of the dip, think “jump the weight up.”


As the weight soars upward, shoot your hips back to “sneak under it,” achieving a full lockout overhead and landing in a quarter squat position.

Be explosive when shooting your hips back into the quarter squat and shift the majority of your weight onto your heels.


Stand up out of the quarter squat while keeping the weight locked out overhead to complete the movement.

Rise up onto your tippy toes to meet the weight halfway as you let it drop back down into the rack position.

You may want to further cushion the impact by landing again in a shallow dip.