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Page Setup and More Options Buttons in the Print Dialog Box

You print images from Photoshop Elements 10 using the File→Print command. When you are in the Organizer, you can set print options in the Print dialog box.

Page Setup button in the Print dialog box

When you click the Page Setup button in Photoshop Elements 10's Print dialog box, the Page Setup dialog box opens. In this dialog box, you can select print attributes that may be unique to your printer. However, you can control the options for most desktop printers in the Print dialog box.

More Options button in the Print dialog box

When printing photos from the Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer, click the More Options button in the Print dialog box to open the More Options dialog box.


If you've used Photoshop Elements prior to version 8, notice that the More Options dialog box has changed. You have three categories listed in the left pane:

  • Printing Choices. Similar to what was available in earlier versions of Elements.

  • Custom Print Size. Various settings for the output size.

  • Color Management. Handles color profile selection and color management options.

These three items have been moved from the Print dialog box to the More Options dialog box.

When you want to manage color in Elements, you need to open the More Options dialog box.

The default selection is Printing Choices when you open the More Options dialog box. Choices available for printing your photos include

  • Photo Details: Check the check boxes for the detail items you want printed as labels on your output.

  • Layout: If you want one photo printed per page, check this box.

  • Flip Image: This option is used for heat transfer material such as Mylar, LexJet, and other substrates that require E-down printing (emulsion-down printing, where the negative and the image are flipped).

  • Border: Check Add a Border, and you can specify the size and choose a unit of measure in the drop-down menu. Click the color swatch to choose a color for the border. Check Include Trim Guideline to print guides for trimming the paper.

  • Print Crop Marks: Check this box to print crop marks.

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